"Clarity, Humility & Peace"

by The Surrender Sound

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"Clarity, Humility and Peace" is a collection of songs for the Church. It's an album comprised of nine songs that were inspired in times of prayer, study, reflection, and stories I've seen and experienced with brothers and sisters in the Body. I've spent nearly a year refining these songs and sharing them with the local church, and I've felt a strong call to jump into the studio and share them with you.


released July 8, 2011

First, Thank You Lord for all the blessings, songs, and friendships You've poured out into my life. You are amazing! I pray that You would bless this album and all who hear it.

"Clarity, Humility & Peace" was produced by Josh Taylor. Instruments recorded at The Mix Lab-College Station, Tx. Engineered by Ross King. Mixed by Jon Meyer.

Mastered by Crystal Clear @ www.crystalclearstudios.com. Manufactured and Distributed by Crystal Clear Distributions. Album artwork by Fidelis Foto & Josh Taylor. Instruments played by: Josh Taylor on electric guitar, acoustic, and vocals. Ben Love on bass guitar and background vocals. Justin Romack on drums, cymbals, and percussion. Pat Douglas on tamburin and background vocals.

A special thanks to: my wife Whitney and daughter June, my Mom & Dad, Ross King, Justin and Angela Romack, Ben and Katherine Love, Tim and Kristen Douglass, Case Opperman, Keri Stickland and Family, David and Ashley Winslow, Emily and Nick Franks, Shane Cannon, Kevin and Latonya Still, Corley Walters, Community Church, and the Tuesday night group. All your prayers and support have made a world of difference.



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The Surrender Sound College Station

The Surrender Sound exists to create an environment in which individuals are led into a time of authentic worship of the Father. The team is comprised of musicians that have a personal relationship with Christ and constantly strive to live obediently and serve faithfully in the Spirit. ... more

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Track Name: Banner
God your love is like the sun. Its so amazing!
And your peace can be found in an open night sky.
With your hands may you lead me & guide me from above, into your promised land.

Hal-le-lujah! Christ has risen!
And his banner covers all mankind.
Streams of mercy flow down from heaven,
into the fields we sow.

God your kindness and your grace is unlike any other.
And your joy can be found in the laughter of a child.
With your light may you lead me & guide me from above, be the lamp unto my feet.

God your banner over us it is love, it is love!
Track Name: Walk on Water
Teach me mercy
teach me peace.
Come an fill my heart with your love.

Keep my eyes on you
walk on water beside you.
Won’t you come into my home.

And I will sing with the heavens above
filled with praise as you poor out your love.
I will worship you with my life.
Singing praise to you in the morning through the night.

I will worship you through the morning
I will worship you through the night
I will sing Praise to the heavens.
With Praise lifted high!

Teach me how to live
a life that’s full of you.
Teach me not to waste
your gifts.

Wisdom calls aloud
in the streets above the crowd.
Teach me not to push
away your will.
Track Name: My Rags Your Riches
Oh God your creation is so amazing.
Oh God your mysteries are unending.
Oh God your an overwhelming love,
that flows through my bones.

Oh God the works of your hands are so gentle.
So delicate they hold this beating heart.
There is no love, there is no love like you.

La La La La Love

Creator of words no words can describe you.
Creator of gifts no gifts can be greater.
Creator of life unending.
There is no love, there is no love like you.

La La La La Love

My rags- your riches.
My sin- your glory.
My life- your sacrifice.
My love- compared to you.

There is no love, there is no love like you.

La La La La Love

Oh God you are an overwhelming
love that flows through my bones! (x4)

There is no love, there is no love like you.
Track Name: Silent
Jesus help me please be silent.
So I can hear you speak to me.

Lord let me know that all I need
is what is in your hands for me,

For me, what is your plan for me?

Throw down your nets and fallow me,
leave it behind and come with me.

Reach out your hand and run to me,
give it away and turn to me.

For me, what is your plan for me?

Until the day of your return
I will keep my eyes on you.

I will hold you close
and never let you go.
Cause you never let me go.

No other name Jesus its your name.
No other way but your way.

I will sing your praises through the day.
I will sing your praise through the day.
Track Name: Sing Out
You hold the world in your hands
and the angles sing your praises.
Now that I'm in your hands
I will sing your praises.
I will enter in with lifted hands.

And sing praise, sing loud, sing out! (2x)

Its not like it was it's different now
the blood of Christ is our love now.

God I'll spend the rest of my life
living in the glory of your love.
Singing praise belongs to you.
Living a life that's lived for you.
Track Name: Listen To Your Heart
Listen to your heart and that’s where you will find
You’ll find that is here your really listening.
Taking your first step is like taking your first breath
Your not done here, your not done yet.

You said its not over yet, no its not over yet.
And you said its not over yet, no its not over yet.

You have a light inside of you.
It shines so bright, it helps others too.
You are a gift more than you’ll ever know
and you are a love everyone should know.
Now you have a song that sings through you
and everyone sings with you.

You said its not over yet, no its not over yet.
And you said its not over yet, no its not over yet.

Your a light in this darkness, your a light in this darkness.

You said its not over yet, no its not over yet.
And you said its not over yet, no its not over yet.

So hold to your love’s
and hold to your heart
and hold to strengths
and don’t be afraid.
Track Name: Love Like You
I want to Love. Love like you,
Love like you love me.
Help me give, give like you've,
given everything in me.

If you come knocking, I'll come running.
Won't you come in and eat with me.
I'm your servant what is your will for me.

I want to walk. Walk like you,
walk like you did on earth.
Help me speak truths of your
truths of your works to man.
Track Name: Beautiful
Yes it's here you are revealed.
We are your miracles these are
your miracles here your revealed.

Yes it's clear, Lord your still here.
You are the mighty one we are
your chosen ones here your revealed.

Your miracles they are so sweet
and your love is so unique.
I stand in awe of your beautiful,
beautiful righteousness.

Time and time again
you reveal yourself to me.

You are so Beautiful!
So beautiful to me!

Your love is so unique.
You are so beautiful to me.
So beautiful so beautiful.
Track Name: Glory To Your Name
Lord I want to trust you
with all of my heart,
But I find it kinda difficult
with the way that things are.

Teach me to fallow you with
all that I am and let the passions
you put in me bring glory to your name.

Glory to your name.
Glory to your sweet sweet name.

Jesus let my Actions speak
louder than my words.
I want to keep my eyes on you
that's the passion in this heart.

Teach me to fallow you with
all that I am and let the passions
you put in me bring glory to your name.